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Companies & Freelancers

Whether it's about a Brand (companies) or about a Personal Brand (freelancers),

adopting an image optimization strategy represents a fundamental step in conveying a positive and coherent message about it.

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The importance of image as a competitive strategy for companies has been the subject of many studies, especially in the latest years.


They reveal that the halo effect (“attractive” subconsciously translated as “credible”) is a cognitive bias manifested also in the business environment: the visual message transmitted has an important impact on the consumer's perception of the products / services it refers to.


In addition, the huge volume of information and the fierce competition increase the speed of information processing and therefore shorten the decision process, in choosing similar products/ services.


In other words, today small details influence big decisions.


The image of the corporation has two aspects:


- the overall image transmitted through details such as the logo, website, packaging, etc.

- the image that the employees convey through uniforms or dress code.


An image consultant can help you eliminate the risk of an unproductive visual impact, setting you free from this task and giving you the opportunity to focus on your core business.

Image by Gian Paolo Aliatis
Man in Sweater


Today every one of us is a Brand.


We cultivate ourselves and other people's perception of us; we have become a more complex and exposed vehicle of information, especially if we have chosen to act as a freelancer.


In this case, carefully building a Personal Brand will make the difference between success and the lack of it.


The first step in becoming a coherent and efficient Personal Brand is to pay due attention to your Personal Image, a key element yet sometimes left to chance.


Your appearance will knock on the door of your interlocutor's subconscious, activating mental patterns and thus giving birth to his perception of you. Which has very few chance to change afterwards. Appearance is the packaging of our essence and there must be coherence between packaging and product.


Do you need scientific explanations? read here.


Why start with the wrong foot, when you can step right into it, with the help of an image consultant? There will be personal and professional satisfactions.

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