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Ladies and Gentlemen....

This is what I can do for you.


All the services below are the steps of the obtain-your-best-version strategy, both in terms of colors and shapes, as well as finding a refined and authentic personal style.


And, surprisingly, thanks to the image consultant’s advice, with less effort than before.

Color Analysis

Shapes Analysis

Style and Wardrobe




Bride / Groom

CA man seasons.png

Color Analysis

We all know that some colors flatter us and others don’t. Throughout life we ​​manage instinctively (or not) to distinguish a couple of them.


But here it is: a scientific method of identifying these colors (and not just two, but dozens of shades): 

the Color Analysis, the science of harmony between our natural colors (skin, eyes, hair) and our “color-friends” (that ones that flatter us).


After this test you will finally have your personal color palette and the image consultant's personalized advice about how to use them.


Everything above in a written report, which you can consult afterwards, whenever you need it.


CA woman seasons 1100 x 2500.png
male body shapes 1100 2500.png

Shapes Analysis

The Shape Analysis is another fundamental tool that you can use to look your best.


After measuring and evaluating your shapes (both body and face), the image consultant reveals concrete techniques for maximizing your identified strengths and minimizing your weaknesses.


You will find out which outfits are the ones that flatter you, which haircut, shape of glasses and accessories suit your face shape or which is the make-up that is best for you.


Again, the written report will be useful to refresh your knowledge whenever you need it.

female body shapes 1100 2500.png
elegant man 2.jpg

Style & Wardrobe

Authentic Style

Strategically choosing a style that represents you, both personally and professionally, can significantly improve your image and simplify your daily clothing choices.


The most common mistake that people usually do is mixing styles, with a negative result on their overall image.


"Mix and match" is a risky strategy if you're not properly inforned, so if you are not sure of the result, it’s better that you "don't try this at home"!

... begin with the Style Test.

Efficient Wardrobe

Wardrobe analysis is an important, revealing and liberating step in your stylistic evolution.


It can be a direct consequence of the previous analysis (colors, shapes, style), by implementing the useful information achieved during the above mentioned steps. 

Or jt may be done in order to simplify things, through the concept of "capsule wardrobe”.


Either way, having an efficient wardrobe means being better dresses with less effort and, often, spending less. Who doesn’t want that?

uomo shopping 1100 2500.png

Smart Shopping 

Only after all the above steps, you can go shopping (or you can ask the image consultant to do an online shopping research for you).


It’s called Smart Shopping: purchasing items in order to complete or renew the wardrobe, for a "wow" effect, avoiding the risk of buying clothing or accessories that turn out to be inappropriate and therefore unnecessary.


You will buy only what really suits you, only in the colors and style that is best for you.


The final feeling will be similar to completing Rubik's cube: "everything is falling into place”.

donna shopping 1100 2500.png
groom tuxedo 1100 2500.png

Smart bride & groom

sposa pantaloni 1100 2500.png

Every future bride wants to be the most beautiful and the most elegant. It's a very special moment in your life and you do not want to be unprepared.


-Did you know that for every bride there is a certain shade of white wedding dress that suits her? 

-That you don't choose your dress by copying the choice of your favorite influencer, but according to the shape of your body? 

-Did you know that bridal makeup and bridal hairstyle have to be done in accordance with your face shape? 

-Do you know how the groom should be dressed, so that you two can make the most beautiful couple?

-Are you familiar with the details of the wedding dress code?


There are so many details, you can get rid of stress by turning to a professional. 

In this way you will be the most beautiful, the most elegant and you also learn some things about yourself that will be useful afterwards also.

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