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My Story

My Mission

 I began with a bachelor degree in Economics (ASE Bucharest, Faculty of Commerce, Tourism-Services Specialization), even if it was perfectly clear that my inclination was more towards aesthetics and creativity than towards figures and macroeconomy. 

It was useful anyway: the achieved knowledge plus the following work experience helped me especially when at some point I decided that the independent activity as a freelancer suited me better than a job in a company.


Later, when I arrived in Italy, the land of excellence in fashion and image, and found out that there were universities that provided serious education in the field, I did not hesitate - it was high time to dedicate myself to my passion: to make people (more) beautiful, elegant, happy.


I started by studying (Istituto Europeo di Design, Milan: Image Consultant; Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, Milan: Fashion Stylist).

I continued by working as a freelance fashion stylist and image consultant.


I have been in Italy for 14 years now, and although I am lucky enough to live in a small paradise (Bellagio, Lake Como) and practice my profession in the area (Como and Milan), I also like to often return home (Bucharest), to share what I have learned and still refine every day in Italy.


Even if not everybody admits it, it is scientifically proven that the relationship between looking good and feeling good (self esteem) is bidirectional. 


In other words, our appearance is one of the factors that influence both our interlocutor’s evaluation of us and our self respect.


Here's why my mission is not only to help my clients make correct, beautiful, elegant (and, why not, sustainable) steps towards a refined and original personal style,


but also to promote the importance of optimizing one’s Personal image, as a first step in building a Personal Brand.


At the same time, my intention is also to contribute to the aesthetic education of the young generations, through passing on useful and revealing information that can help them develop early healthy principles and self esteem.

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