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Visual Personal Branding

Moving into entrepreneurship or freelancing can be compared to an actor's appearance on stage: we leave "behind the curtains" (the job in the corporation) to go "on the stage" (our personal brand).


We feel that all eyes are on us and as a result a need to adapt our image to the new status. 


We feel the need to refine it, as an asset of our personal and professional evolution, and use it to increase or maintain self-confidence, so necessary at this stage of our lives.

SBR postari.png


That's what I help you obtain through my VISUAL PERSONAL BRANDING strategy:

personal and professional image improvement, through self-knowledge and aesthetic education, the final result being an image that:

 - reflects you completely (the industry you belong to, your personality),

 - communicates you effectively (through the colors used or the adopted style),

-  highlights your strengths (through aesthetic self-knowledge),

- allows you the comfort of working relaxed and with the satisfaction of being able to proudly look in the mirror, both figuratively (following the professional results) and literally,

- is your sales, negotiations, professional growth ally.

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