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About Me

I am continuously searching for and extracting Beauty

Out of everything and everyone, anytime and anywhere.


Because beauty exists: sometimes at the surface and easy to polish; sometimes deep inside but deserving the effort and perseverance to extract it.

You can find it in colors and shapes, in human and abstract, in soul and face.


I am continuously searching and discovering Perfection.


Because perfection exists: in a moment, in a gesture, in a color, in a song or in a glass of wine.

Because it can be achieved: by continuous improvement, by focusing on the positive.


Let's find them together.

In you - I help you bring to the surface your best version.

In me - you will complete my experience with your personal example.

In everything, because that's what we want from life.

irina ricciardi consultant de imagine

business to consumer

business to business

Your best aesthetic version through smart beauty specific techniques.

A rapid, efficient and painless style and wardrobe upgrade.

Personal Image for Personal Branding.

An efficient Brand visual identity, through consultancy and training.

Without a working knowledge of the basis, one cannot achieve true stylishness.

“Incredibil ! Habar nu aveam că există atâtea trucuri, atât de simple și eficiente !  Ma simt mai frumoasă și mai încrezătoare !

- Roxana, București, Romania

“I am so happy that I met you ! Not only I learned a lot from you, but also I have a wonderful person as a friend ! Thank you !"

- Julie, California,


“Ogni giorno uso almeno uno dei tuoi consigli - sui colori, sulle forme, sui tessuti , e la differenza è davvero notevole, me lo dicono ! Ti sono grata, un'abbraccio ! "

- Serena, Como,