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I have put all my knowledge and experience

in one A to Z signature program


Because the real transformation, like in every other field, resides in holistic solutions. So, I strongly recommend it.

I'm still open to personalization though:

tailor made solutions, like choosing from the below list of services, are anyway possible.

We will discuss it together.


I teach you how to strategically use colors, both for personal and professional use.

We begin by using a scientific method to identify your personal color palette: the Seasonal Color Analysis.

Then we ad to it some aesthetic psychology, neuroscience and (personal) branding secrets and thus identify your (personal) brand colors.

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The Shape Analysis is another fundamental tool that we will use to make you look your best.

 I will teach you concrete techniques for maximizing your identified strengths and minimizing your weaknesses.

You will find out which outfits are the ones that flatter you, which haircut, shape of glasses and accessories suit your face shape or which is the make-up that is best for you (and for your business).



Efficient, versatile, flattering.

Expressing statut, values, personality traits.

Your non verbal communication.

Outfits with a message: always the right one.

Able to negotiate and sell.

This is how your Pro Business wardrobe will be after working with me.



They tell you that you have to know your USP (unique selling proposition).

Your uniqueness.

That's also the way to find your signature style - self knowledge and a direct connection between in and out.

Ith me, you ‘ll do this for real: with a personality test, that I will translate to you in clothes' language.

Yes, you can begin by checking your preferences, with the bellow style test.

No, it will not be enough.



Only after all the above steps, we can go shopping.


It’s called Smart Shopping:

purchasing items in order to complete or renew the wardrobe, for the desired "wow" effect.

You will avoid the risk of buying clothing or accessories that turn out to be inappropriate and therefore unnecessary.

You will buy only what really suits you, only in the colors and style that is best for you.

The final feeling will be similar to completing Rubik's cube: "everything is falling into place”.

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Half (sometimes more) of your visual impact is online now.

You have to know how to manage it properly, and how to prepare for your personal brand photo shootings and for your online meetings.

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