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Gorgeous places inspire beautiful outfits...


13 years ago, destiny brought me to Bellagio, “the pearl” of Lake Como, in Italy. 

Where, delighted by the scenery and having the sensation of living in a fairytale, I stayed.

And although many years have passed, every day I find myself taking a moment to immortalize in a photo another new corner of this earthly paradise.

This place inspires and attracts tourists from all over the world, who, like me, just cannot stop taking pictures. The most famous fashion brands organize their shootings here for the new collections.

Obviously, Lake Como area is also an incredibly romantic location, so many weddings are celebrated here.


In this context and following some specialized studies, I adapted my offer, adding Photographic Styling (entitled "model for 1 day") and Bridal Styling services.


In this environment, also my trainings become more relaxing Image and Style Workshops for groups (both in the team building version and for the ad-hoc group of friends on vacation).


By the way, Milan is right around the corner, so a Smart Shopping session is a must.


I'm waiting for you!

LakeComoStyling Services


Have a special holiday souvenir from Lake Como:


Be the model of your own photo shoot, organized by a professional team, in one of the most beautiful locations in the world.


You are beautiful, you deserve this kind of special moment, and Lake Como is the perfect location for such an experience


Like every future bride, you  want to look perfect on your wedding day.


Especially if you decided to get married here, on Lake Como: do it all in the incomparable Italian style!


The secret lies in getting the assistance of a professional that can ensure you a perfect look: from choosing the dress that makes you stand out to helping you to establish the dress code of the entire event.

Holiday is an opportunity to rest and to discover new places...


... But if you are in Italy, the land of excellence in fashion and image, it can be an opportunity to discover the secrets of the incomparable Italian style.


So, invite your friends to an interactive image and style workshop - lake view and champagne included!


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