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an unique one-to-one

personal and professional image

transformational program



Because it’s for smart people who understand that their visual impact matters and they can use it in a strategic way.

And because it's more than an aesthetic program - we will use color psychology, we will translate personality into style, we will use neuroscience to understand your image's importance and transform this understanding in concrete solutions. 


Because it’s an Image transformational program:

we will use aesthetics in order to achieve business goals.

You will be more beautiful, for sure, but this will be … only a bonus.


Because when you are an entrepreneur, your personal image is your (personal) brand’s image.

And we will make your appearance become your ally in sales, communication, negotiation.

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Are you a successful entrepreneur?

I teach you the language of strategic clothes,

your silent ally for conquering new business heights.

This is my solution for you:

a transformational program in 6 steps that will help you:

  • to be seen and appreciated at your true worth;

  •  to quickly and efficiently obtain the necessary image leap at this stage of your life;

  • to have a non-verbal communication (your visual impact) that generates profit;

  • to save time (strategic styling works faster than a trial-base one, an efficient wardrobe is easier to manage);

  • to save money (self-knowledge eliminates style errors and inappropriate purchases);

  • to be much calmer and confident;

  • to learn a series of secrets, because I like to pass on know-how, so that you can continue by yourself.

Tailor made for:

The program suits any entrepreneur who wants a personal and professional image that supports her business and expresses her successful status.

Each chapter of the program includes a personalized written report  - so that you have lifelong access to the information that you will receive.

The 6 Chapters:


Personal and Brand Colours

Theory: color theory, how to identify colors that make you stand out, how to match them, how to use their psychological effect.

Practice: personalized color analysis and brand colors.



The Right Shapes and Proportions

Theory: how to correctly evaluate your shapes (body and face) so that clothes, accessories and make-up enhance you; how to harmonize your proportions.

Practice: personalized morphological (shapes) analysis.


The Journey to your Signature Style

Theory: About style and the journey to signature style, the 7 universal styles, dress codes.

Practice: Your inside-out style (including a personality test and its translation into style); personalized pro-business style strategy.


Theory: what an efficient wardrobe looks like, the capsule wardrobe - false myths and tips and tricks.

Practice: analyzing your wardrobe* (or capsule wardrobe* from 0) and making a smart shopping list.

*current season (Spring Summer OR Autumn Winter).



Theory: the Vademecum of smart shopping.

Practice: purchasing items from the list drawn up in the wardrobe chapter.



Theory: The Vademecum of online image and personal branding photography.

Practice: together we choose the main elements of your online image.

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Why choosing my program

  • I am a professional image consultant, with 10 years experience and continuosly updating my expertize, bringing you the latest methods in my  field, directly from Milan;


  • I am an entrepreneur myself, therefore I created a unique program for business professionals, in which aesthetics combined with personal branding are just another way to make profit; 

  • I am passionate about neuroscience and psychology and applied my knowledge in these fields to my image program - this will strategically and smartly help you align your personal image with your professional goals;

  • I have just the right combination of analytical mind and empathy, so that our journey together can be not only efficient and structured but also a safe environment to re-discover yourself.

This program is for you if you want to:

  • - align your personal and professional image with the status of a successful entrepreneur;

  • - get rid of the current stress "I don't know what to wear" both in everyday life and at the events and conferences you attend;

  • - feel that you are sending the right message through your image;

  • - feel that your image propels you to the next level you want, no matter what it is.

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This program is not for you if:

  • - you are convinced that your image already communicates you at your best;

  • - you don't want to actually do anything about your image;

  • - you want to move forward without the help of your visual impact, regardless of the cost of this choice.

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Do you feel that you want all these for yourself ?

Then book a free call and let's talk.


If, after the first session, you feel that it's not for you, you can have your investment back.


I develop my activity internationally and I pay special attention to my every client, I work with a fixed number of persons, so book your place as soon as you can.

What happens if you don't book it?

Well, nothing.

Nothing will change in your wardrobe to prove your professional and personal evolution. It would be like your clothes don't fit anymore.

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