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About me

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I am Irina Ricciardi, professional Image Consultant.

I help successful entrepreneurs transform and refine their current wardrobe in order to match their successful professional status.

I do this through a unique transformational program that combines the newest tools in the field, brought directly from Milan, where I specialized, I practice and I continue to get inspired by.

My daily motivation lies in my client's smile when she looks in the mirror.

I am most passionate about identifying the inside-out style, that is, the direct connection between personality and its aesthetic expression.

I believe in continuous training and smart solutions, including in creative fields like mine.

And I am passionate about neuroscience and psychology.

That's why, in addition to the trainings in the fashion field (image consulting, fashion styling, etiquette, cool hunting, visual merchandising),


I also studied personal branding, aesthetic psychology, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and PCM (process communication model), so that I can strategically and smartly help you align your personal image with your professional goals.

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