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Shapes Analysis

During the shapes analysis (or the proportion test) you will learn: 


- about ideal body and face proportions according to the international aesthetic canons,


- about your body and face shape,


- specific techniques to optimize your shapes in order to reach towards the ideal ones, thus optimizing your overall image.


How does it help you?


The face’s vertical and horizontal proportions help us decide which is the ideal haircut, the ideal shapes of glasses or earrings, or the ideal type of make up for every face shape.


The vertical proportions of the body dictate the measures to be taken for the harmonization of the vertical silhouette (elongation or, on the contrary, visual shortening techniques).


In the same way, knowing more about horizontal proportions will help us choose the ideal clothing items (from shapes, prints, colors) or the shape and size of the accessories that suit best our body.

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