Smart Beauty

In the field of Personal Image,

 "Smart Beauty" means:


  • first learning some theoretical elements of color (cold and warm colors, analogous and complementary colors, etc.) and proportions (general mental patterns about ideal proportions and smartly adapting to them) 


  • then applying them in the daily beauty routine, through some specific


This will help you rediscover yourself and get a visibly improved aesthetic result, as you will know how to highlight your strengths and camouflage those features that you consider weaknesses.

Smart, isn't it?



On the other hand, it means also understanding that improving your image is much more than achieving the goal of looking better.

It means being aware that it's the first fundamental step in building a Personal Brand: our visual impact represents (whether we like it or not) an important element in creating a good first impression and has a close relationship with the concept of self esteem. 


In other words, we take care of our image not only to be more beautiful, but also to convey a positive message about us - credibility, authority, coherence etc.