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Style Test

1. Which of the following styles do you think represents you:


A. Feminine

B. Sober, simple cuts

C. Fashion and trends

D. Comfort, simplicity

E. Refined

F. Which stands out

G. Seducing


2. What type of makeup do you prefer:


A. Delicate colors

B. Minimalist and sober

C. Trendy

D. Almost nothing

E. Quality products

F. Eccentric, with unusual colors

G. Focus on eyes and lips


3. What details and accessories do you prefer:


A. Bows, flowers, hearts, ribbons

B. Pearls, small earrings, discreet gold or silver

C. Famous brands and trendy accessories, often with bright colors

D. Very small, so I don't have to take them out

E. Few, but luxurious

F. Extravagant and unusual

G. Sexy


4. How do you like to style your hair:


A. Long, possibly wavy

B. Always styled, but simple, with a classic haircut

C. Always up on trends

D. Short or long, but always tied (easy to manage)

E. Haircuts and color made by expert hands. Classic but updated

F. Arranged in a messy and creative style (with shaved areas, with eccentric colors)

G. Long (possibly with extensions) or updo


5. What colors do you like:


A. Soft, delicate, pastel. Especially pink

B. Neutral: beige, blue, gray, black

C. Vivid and fashionable colors

D. Natural colors: sand, sea, denim

E. Sober colors, monochromatic outfits

F. Eccentric combinations

G. Especially red and black


6. What materials/fabrics do you like:


A. Lace, chiffon, velvet

B. Fine wool, cotton, gabardine

C. Glossy materials, leather, lamé

D. Denim, linen, cotton

E. Cashmere and silk

F. Decorated or metallic

G. Transparencies, lace, stretch


7. What clothes do you like:


A. Light, with ruffles

B. Twinset, jackets, classic pants

C. Fashionable and with interesting cuts

D. Comfortable

E. Suit, tube dress, cocktail dress

F. Vintage or ethnic items

G. Tight and low-cut dresses



Test result: see which letter prevails.




Note: if a single letter does not prevail (or maximum two, which represent close styles), you don’t have a defined style yet.

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