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Updated: Mar 12, 2022


The Shapes Analysis is a tool meant to correctly evaluate body and face shapes and proportions, a self aesthetic knowledge exercise that will make the task of adorning our body easier and more pleasant.

If performed by a professional image consultant, it will not be only about establishing the type of silhouette/face, but a detailed analysis of your vertical and horizontal proportions, body lines, symmetry, somatotype etc, followed by tailored concrete solutions for the optimization of your visual impact overall.


Its main principle is that, in order to look our best, we have to understand:

  • our aesthetic strengths and make them stand out

  • the features that we consider weaknesses and minimize them

through specific image consultancy techniques,


Neuroscience studies have proven that the perception of beauty doesn’t have anything to do with the size or the weight, but instead with proportion, harmony and symmetry.

Whether we want it or not, we all have already beauty stereotypes in our subconscious mind.

These stereotypes translate into ideal face and body proportions (oval face and hourglass body type for women) and our eye registers everything that is not in these parameters as a flaw.

Of course, nobody is perfect and perfection is not the objective !

Yes, nowadays we are training our minds towards more inclusive beauty perceptions.

But this will take time, as we cannot erase in a minute millenniums of beauty canons from our subconscious.

So, the smart solution is to be prepared to satisfy the aesthetic preconceptions of our interlocutor’s subconscious.

How? It's simple:

-We are blessed with "perfect" shapes? We emphasize it !

-We don't ? We create it, through simple yet very efficient techniques, that visually correct our proportions, towards a harmonized overall image.

(Want to know more about the role of the subconscious mind in the aesthetic evaluation? Read here.)


Beauty has always (from the ancient greeks up to now) been translated into numbers (have you ever heard about the golden ratio?) That is why, also while evaluating proportions, measuring is the main tool.

During the test, the consultant performs various measures (the proportion torso / legs, the waist / hip ratio etc.) that then interprets, explains and offers solutions for, in order to optimize proportions.


Knowing your shapes and proportions and how to manage it, you will know how to choose the outfits that make you stand out, you will look much better and at the same time save time and money, by avoiding all the articles do not suit your silhouette.

You will know which haircuts, types of glasses or earrings match perfectly the features of your face. Which types of skirts or pants make you look fabulous and which tricks to use to look thiner and taller.


Your face shape remains the same through the years; your body shape instead, can face charges according to various phases of our life: maternity, menopause etc.

That is why is important to choose the right consultant:

A competent image consultant will not only state your body type and give you general advise strictly about it; she/he will explain to you the general principles of aesthetic harmony and how to apply it to your body, in order to make you aware and capable to manage your aesthetic potential and uniqueness at its best.

The results of a good shapes analysis will last forever, through the know how that the consultant will pass on to you. A one time investment whose benefits will last a lifetime.

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