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6 image consultancy tips for the "fabulous bride" result

the bride

No matter the type of wedding you have in mind, from the fairytale-500-guests-and-fireworks to the simple-with-just-2-witnesses wedding, one thing is certain: you will want to look fabulous.

Your dress will have to fit you perfectly (shapes) and make your skin glow (colors); you’ll walk around in elegant (but comfortable!) shoes; your hair will be the frame of your radiant happy face (hairstyle) and the makeup will have to be the best one you’ve ever had. And last but not least, everything above will have to represent you and your personality (authentic style).

So, what should you know in advance, in order to obtain all that?


bride's complexion

Let’s say you have decided, as many of us still do, for the classic option: the white dress.

The secret is that for every bride there is a shade of white that suits her complexion, making her look her best:

  • if you have a high intensity, cool colors (see more about the colors' properties here) complexion (Winter Complexion according to the Seasonal Color Analysis) the best white for you will be pure white;

  • if you have a low intensity, cool colors complexion (Summer Complexion according to the Seasonal Color Analysis), the best white for you will be a soft white;

  • if you have a high intensity, warm colors complexion (Spring Complexion according to the Seasonal Color Analysis), the best white for you will be ivory white;

  • if you have a low intensity, warm colors complexion (Autumn Complexion according to the Seasonal Color Analysis), the best white for you will be oyster white.

Anyway, this rule applies also if you have decided for a bolder color, other than white - the chosen color needs to have the same temperature (cool or warm) and intensity (high or low) as your complexion.


types of bridal dress

Dream big, but don’t get your inspiration from your childhood fantasies or your favorite influencer’s wedding dress. You have to find the perfect dress for you and your body.

We are all beautiful and nobody is perfect, so look in the mirror and find out your body type, because it all comes down to that:

  • If you are an Hourglass, you can wear almost any type of wedding dress; the best solution though is to enhance your beautiful lines with a Mermaid or Trumpet dress;

  • If you are a Rectangle, you should enhance your feminine side by wearing an A-line or a Princess (ball) dress;

  • If you are a Triangle (Pear), the most flattering will be also an A-line or a Princess (ball) dress; but also the Empire dress;

  • If you are an Inverted Triangle, you can balance your body by adding volume to the lower body, with an A-line or a Princess (ball) dress;

  • If you are an Oval, the best solution for you is the Empire dress.


There are two factors that you can take into consideration while choosing your hairstyle: your face shape and the neckline of the dress.

-Face shape:

Let’s say you have chosen an up-do (most frequent for this type of occasion).

bridal hairstyle for different face shapes

  • If you have an Oval face shape, you can do almost anything you want, maybe a pulled back, that shows entirely your beautiful oval;

  • if you have a Round face shape, while making an up-do, leave two strands “frame” your face, their vertical line will make it appear longer, thus more “oval”;

  • if you have a Square face shape, you can use the solution above, but the strands should be wavy (they give your face a little bit of “roundness” );

  • if you have an Inverted Triangle face shape, make sure that you pair it with asymmetric bangs that cover the laterals of your forehead;

  • if you have a Diamond face shape, the best up-do can be the pulled back or one with asymmetric short bangs (it depends on the length of your forehead).

Note: I am strictly taking into consideration the face shape factor; in real life it depends also on the length of the forehead, on your face profile etc.

-Neckline of the dress:

bridal hairstyle for different necklines

  • high neckline: up-do, pony tail with wispy bangs, old Hollywood waves, fishtail braided up-do;

  • sweetheart neckline: up-do, textured bob, long retro waves;

  • v-neckline: half up-half down hairstyle, twirled bun up-do, side swept curls;

  • halter neckline: milkmaid braid, elegant vintage up-do, asymmetrical rolled up-do;

  • off-the-shoulder neckline: soft undo or bushy ponytail;

  • bateau (boat) neckline: romantic messy bun, bun up-do.


bridal makeup

The right makeup is done taking into consideration the shape of your face, its vertical and horizontal proportions, the form and size of your eyes and nose etc., therefore it’s a complex topic that you can discuss with a professional makeup artist.

What is important for you to know is that:

  • your makeup colors should follow the cool-warm rule mentioned above;

  • eyeshadows should be in colors that are complementary to the color of your eyes;

  • less is more; remember, it’s a wedding (yours), not a night out;

  • too much tan is not elegant;

  • if you decide for eyelash extensions, they should “pair” your face proportions (very long eyelashes do not suit small face traits).


shoes for the bride

There are “do”s and “don’t”s also in the shoes area:

  • heels: do, platforms and wedges: don’t

(even if I have the impression that this year will be different: Nicola Peltz's Versace Medusa platforms of her wedding day have already generated a new trend...)

  • slingback: do, mules: don’t;

  • peep toe: do, sandals: don’t;

  • the bride should wear stockings;

  • white shoes: do, but the same shade as the dress.


styles of bridal dress

Last but not least, everything above will flatter you, enhance your visual strengths and minimize your weaknesses, but don’t forget: at the end they have to also represent you: your personality, your usual style.

What you wear, especially in this important occasion, sends a message about you and it has to be the right one, especially when ... all eyes will be on you.

So, choose the style accordingly. Romantic, Classic, Boho, Modern, Glam ... the choice is yours.

So, you have a lot to do before actually choosing the wedding dress - find out about your colors, your shapes, your style… Good luck !

And if you need help, you know where to find me :-)


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