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My dear Smart Ladies,

Today I would like to offer you some basic information about colors, hoping that they will arouse your interest in a more often and better use of the magical power of colors.

Let’s face it, so many times we declare their importance, and so many times we forget to practice what we preach…

First of all, let me break the news to you:

We are perceived as an overall image ; nobody notes every little detail (thanks God!).

Our interlocutor’s subconscious provides him with some patterns in order to do that.

The first thing that the eye catches is colors. Studies of neuro-marketing show that the first impression is made in the first 90 seconds and 60 to 90% of it is about colors.

That means we have in our hands a powerful yet simple tool, we just have to learn how to use it.

In order to do that, these are the main basic knowledge that you shouldn’t ignore:

  1. the COLOR WHEEL

what you should know:

- the color wheel is an abstract illustrative organization of color hues around a circle, which shows the relationships between primary colors, secondary colors, tertiary colors etc.;

- half of it is represented by the warm colors (with a yellow undertone) while the other half, by the cool colors (with blue undertone);

- colors that are one next to the other on the wheel are called analogue (example: red and orange), colors that are right across are complementary (example: red and green).

why it is helpful in improving your image:

- you will look much better if you wear make up and clothes that have the same undertone (cool or warm) as your natural colors (eyes, skin, hair). Moreover, best color pairings in fashion are obtained using analogue and complementary colors, so learning how to use it will help you obtain remarkable results.

  1. the COLOR FEATURES: hue, temperature, value, intensity, contrast

what you should know:

The Color Temperature refers to its undertone, that can be cool or warm (see above).

Violet is a cool color, Orange is a warm color.

The Color Hue refers to the color itself without any added whites or blacks to lighten or darken it.

The Color Value refers to its degree of lightness-darkness (adding white or black to the hue).

Lavender is light, Purple is dark.

The Color Intensity or Saturation refers to its purity.

Fuchsia is an intense color, Powder Pink is a soft, muted one.

The Color Contrast refers to the relationship between colors with different values. There is a high contrast between Ivory and Dark Brown, there is a low contrast between Melon Red and Fuchsia.

why it is helpful in improving your image:

in order to look your best, you will have to use colors that have:

  • the same temperature (as explained above),

  • the same level of value, intensity and contrast as your natural colors do.


A gorgeous brunette with very light pinkish skin like Megan Fox will look her best: wearing cool colors, because her skin’s undertone is cool; wearing bright colors, that match the brightness of her natural colors; wearing a high contrast outfit (optical white top and royal blu skirt), matching the high contrast of her natural colors.

A delicate blonde like Michelle Pfeiffer will look best in cool and muted colors and low contrast outfits.


what you should know:

The Pantone Color Matching System is a standardized color reproduction system. By standardizing the colors, different manufacturers in different locations can all refer to the Pantone system to make sure colors match without direct contact with one another.

Every fashion season Pantone chooses 12 trend colors, among them being also the Color of the Year (see my chapter Trend in Translation).

why it is helpful in improving your image: once you will figure out what colors suit you, searching for a specific one will be easier; in addition, if you are a fashion lover, knowing the color trends is a must.


what you should know:

Colors influence perceptions and cause certain emotions in people. They can have either calming or stimulating effects, they can impact on credibility authority, honesty perception of the people wearing it. Of course, triggering on subconscious, its impact depends on age, gender, and culture.

For instance, heterosexual men tend to report that red outfits enhance female attractiveness, while heterosexual females deny any outfit color impacting that of men.

Although color associations can vary contextually between cultures, color preference is to be relatively uniform across gender and race.

why it is helpful in improving your image:

Knowing and applying color psychology is a powerful tool, that can help you convey the message that you want to. Think about a job interview, a first date, a speech. The color of your outfit can help your interlocutor or public perceive you in a positive manner (whatever positive is to you in that circumstances: successful, credible, sexy)?


what you should know:

The Color Analysis is the science of color harmony (in fact, in Italy they call it “armocromia”).

Its main principle is that we look our best only wearing colors that are in harmonious relationship with our natural colors.

During the color test, our natural colors (the undertone of the skin, the color of our eyes and the natural color of our hair) are analyzed with the purpose of finding our “color-friends”.

Its rather simple method (using colored drapes and checking their aesthetic influence on the subject) is compensated by the rather difficult evaluation - it needs an expert eye and that is why, even if you will find a lot of information online about it, only a professional image consultant can identify your color palette correctly.

why is it helpful in improving your image:

Finding and using your colors will (sometimes dramatically) improve your looks and also simplify your shopping sessions (you will not loose time and money with items that don’t suit you). It contributes also to wardrobe efficiency (generally, the colors of your palette match each other).

This is it. The basics. If you know and apply this, you will certainly be a SBL (smart beautiful lady)!



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