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Why and How: introduction to my Blog

My dear Smart Ladies,

This is the first article of my blog dedicated to you, so I would like to explain why I decided to write it and, especially, how it is meant to be useful to you.

The internet, our friend and enemy at the same time, offers us everyday tones of information in every field, and while the access to information is a great, positive thing of this era, we have to be careful to listen only to the correct advice of the real experts in the field.

Everybody writes about fashion and trends, some of them properly informed, some just because … it’s trendy. I really think that we should all stick to specialization (by the way Specialization is a future trend, you’ll see).

I am an Image Consultant, which means that, in addition to fashion history and trends, I have thoroughly studied specific strategies and techniques for harmonizing proportions and colors, with the pursuit of improving personal image.

Yes, it’s about strategy.

The new beauty is smart.

No matter how beautiful, how much good taste you have, how informed about trends you are, there are still some essential things that you do not know, that could significantly improve your look.

Yes, it’s about learning.

Without a working knowledge one cannot achieve true stylishness.

The main principle, therefore the common thread of this Blog will be:

You will stand out only when your choices will be a right balance between:

1) choosing with discernment from the proposals of each fashion season

(chapter Trend in Translation)


2) enhancing and respecting your body’s strengths, with the right shapes, proportions and colors and the style that truly represents you (chapter Evergreen).

I can tell you how.

That is why I think and hope this blog will be your reliable friend.

And even when I will approach themes that have been already approached, be sure that I am doing it because I have useful information to add.

I divided it into 3 categories:

Trend in Translation, where you will find all trends “translated” in terms of compatibility with all types of silhouette and with all color families.

Of course, you will have to previously know your body type (hourglass, rectangle, apple, pear, inverted triangle) and also to which family of colors you belong, according to the seasonal color analysis (cool or warm colors, intense or soft).

But don’t worry, you can find useful information about it in the Evergreen chapter, that will contain generally valid advice in terms of timeless fashion, approaching subjects like proportions, colors, style, wardrobe and so on.

The third category, Romana, will contain all the articles translated in Romanian.

Enjoy! And don’t forget to give feedback!



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