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It’s Sales time and you are a little torn between the attractive prices and the fear that the items that you will buy will go out of style …. aren’t you ?

Well, the right thing to do is a preliminary research, in order to see which of the present trends are here to stay also the next season, taking a peak at the autumn winter trends.

Don’t sweat it, I have already done this research for you, also spicing it up with some useful image consultant advice on how to wear them. I have exemplified the results of my research with real on sale now articles, so hurry up and buy it !

So, let's begin:


Lovers of leather, this is your heaven !

Leather remains a main trend also for next season, in every form or color.

I don't know how you handled this in summer time (I tried it, you can avoid the sauna effect wearing it in the evening), but I know for sure that we will enjoy it a lot this autumn.

leather fashion trend: spring summer 20 and fall winter 21

The IC advice: leather is a fabric that adds volume to the body, so while I strongly recommend you to try the joy of these new ways of wearing leather (not only jacket, trenches or pants, but also culottes, dresses etc.) please be careful also to adapt them to your body shape. Don’t add volume where you already have it, use dark colors for slimming effect.


It is absolutely clear that the focus of the tops has moved from the body to the sleeves - it seams that designers participate in dare: who invents that most remarkable sleeve: from puffy to straight, from feminine to geometrical. And the winner goes to?? … well, you choice. There are so many.

sleeves fashion trend: spring summer 20 and fall winter 21

The IC advice: Don’t choose the long-to-the-feet sleeve if you are petite - get a small, puffy, pointed up instead, that uplifts the line of your shoulders and therefore of your entire silhouette. Don’t choose too puffy if you are already an Inverted Triangle (with big shoulders and narrow hips). The short/medium length puffy sleeve looks very good on the Pear silhouette (see here my article about Body Shapes).


Attention, big trend! We saw it in the last few seasons, seeming to fade away - not true ! they are everywhere - take the most daring fringes that you see on the market and buy it right now ! …or just cut the lower part of your long fur, taking Bottega Veneta’s example (just joking !)

fringes fashion trend: spring summer 20 and fall winter 21

The IC advice: they also tend to add volume, so wear it in the part of the body that allows it; keep the rest of the outfit simple, they are remarkable enough.


We love big shoulders and we are already used to it, as they were a constant of the last few seasons; now take the most edgy, powerful, ultra wide shoulders of this summer and wear it also next season, as a symbol of the powerful woman that you are !

edgy shoulders fashion trend: spring summer 20 and fall winter 21

The IC advice: while as a Fashion lover I would go for “the bigger the better”, as an Image Consultant I have to warn you that in order to exhibit a proportioned silhouette, big shoulders are only for the body shapes that need to add volume in the upper body (e.g. the Pear or Triangle).


This summer is definitely white. But if you pay attention, you have noticed that is not a total white, but very often with a little (or more) black in it.

Well, for the next season you can stick to this contrast, ‘cause it’s here to stay. Maybe increasing a little bit the quantity of black, this time.

black and white fashion trend: spring summer 20 and fall winter 21

The IC advice: attention to your natural colors (skin, eyes, hair): if your natural colors have a low contrast, you should also keep it this way in your outfit (total outfit white and just a few accessories black); if your contrast is high, go for a color block, strong black and white contrast. Attention also to the type of white that you wear: Optical White for Winters, Soft White for Summers, Ivory White for Springs, Oyster White for Autumns (see here about the seasonal color analysis).


Seen, appreciated, worn this summer, it seems that the vest makes its way also in the autumn trends, this time in cropped, layering form. What to say? Very nice, it gives a touch of elegance even on the most casual look.

the vest fashion trend: spring summer 20 and fall winter 21

The IC advice: Want to accentuate the waist or hide a too voluminous bust ? A fitted dark colored vest is the solution. Want to be sexy still wearing an elegant a sober blazer? Replace the shirt with a vest. Want to give a touch of elegance to a casual t-shirt - jeans outfit ? Add a statement vest.


Lovers of romantic style, good news. Ruffles stay, as the autumn-winter season is steeped in romantic influences, with ruffles everywhere (even on the shoulders of the Max Mara jacket or on the bottom of the sleeves of the Loewe dress).

This means the ruffle shirt that you buy now doesn’t have to be packed and put away at the end of the summer, but can be styled with an autumn blazer, for a stylish effect.

ruffles fashion trend: spring summer 20 and fall winter 21

The IC advice: ruffles add volume, so you can wear it: -on the bust area in order to enhance it; -on the shoulders to make them seem broader (only if you need to compensate volume concentrated on the lower body); -in the hips area with ruffles, in order to create an optical illusion: either to hide the volume difference between a generous hip and a skinny leg, or to add volume to a poor hip.


One could say that for summer the bermuda trend is a natural, but attention, this summer we talk about “business bermuda”, often styled with the right blazer.

It’s not a surprise that this trend follows its natural way through the autumn, becoming a remarkable, groundbreaking one.

bermuda fashion trend: spring summer 20 and fall winter 21

The IC advice: Generally, this trend can be worn by almost EveryBody, but paying attention to some details: 1. adapting the forms of the pants and blazer to your body type and 2. taking into consideration the vertical proportions (bermuda pants tend to shorten the figure).

(see more advice in my article about SS 2020 pants).


There’s a print that never falls out of style ! Or at least not this year. So buying it on Sale now is a good investment.

check fashion trend: spring summer 20 and fall winter 21

The IC advice: there is a lot of choice on the market, so just be sure that you purchase the one that flatters you: -mini check for petite silhouettes and big one for the tall girl; -warm colors if you skin has a warm undertone, cool colors if it has a cool one (according to the color analysis theory); high contrast checks if you also have a high contrast between your natural features (hair, eyes, skin), low contrast checks for low contrast ones etc.


This elegant-sexy-princess-y detail is a must, if you are aiming for a sleek diva effect. This season and also the next, It makes its appearance in the most surprising places or items, such as skirts or shoes, giving them a very interesting twist.

feathers fashion trend: spring summer 20 and fall winter 21

The IC advice: to obtain a classy result, it must be styled with clean cuts and fine fabrics.

Remember, trends are beautiful only when they flatter you ! … and when you can buy it also on Sales :-).

Good luck shopping !

(by the way, today my shopping source was Net-a-Porter).



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