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PANTS SS 2020 - which are the trends that suit me ?

Intro for the category - TREND IN TRANSLATION:

You already found out about this summer trends; as soon as the fashion shows ended, a lot of articles have flooded the internet.

My chapter “Trend in Translation” will concentrate on finding “your trend-friend”: tips and tricks about how to make them suit you, no matter your shapes or colors.

That doesn’t mean that everybody can wear everything, but in case there is a possibility, I will offer you a solution.

Today we talk about SS 2020 Pants.

Fortunately, this season we have a lot of choices, so EveryBody(shape) will have something to wear and look good. There are all forms of pants, from baggy pants to straight or cigarette pants; the waist is “dancing” between the high waist (that remains on top) to lower versions; the length is between very long to very short…

But let’s concentrate on the new entries:

1. Bermuda Business Shorts

One of the most loved trends this season is combining bermuda shorts with a (more or less) elegant blazer - once again a trend that offers us the "playful" solution of combining a casual item with one that is considered (or was) formal.

Generally, this trend can be worn by almost EveryBody, but paying attention to some details:

1. adapting the forms of the pants and blazer to your body type and

2. taking into consideration the vertical proportions (bermuda pants tend to shorten the figure).

Fundamental Strength Needed:

good vertical proportions

(the length of your legs should be at least equal to the length of your upper body)

On EveryBody:

  • Hourglass: make sure that the blazer does not hide your waist - either choose a fitted blazer or wear the straight one open.

  • Pear (Triangle): if all your body volume concentrates on your hips and legs, find another trend instead. But if it concentrates only on your hips and rear, well, you’re in: just make sure that you choose a long blazer, that surpasses the thighs line. Still fitted, because remember, your waist is your Strength, you don’t want to hide it. It will help also if your pants are in a dark, opaque color.

  • Rectangle: this trend was invented especially for you. The blazer should be straight and the top loosely tucked inside the pants, to give the illusion of “waist is there, but undercover”.

  • Apple (Oval): This is also good for you, just wear a dark and opaque top under the blazer, to give a “back down effect” to your belly.

  • Inverted Triangle: use an unstructured blazer, that doesn’t add volume to your shoulders, better if in a dark color; style it with light colored bermuda pants.

2 Short Shorts

Useless to say that the sine qua non condition would be to reveal our legs only if they deserve to… The first principle in order to look fabulous is knowing and showing off only your strengths, in order to emphasized it.

Fundamental Strenght Needed:

good vertical proportions (the length of your legs should be at least equal to the one of your upper body) and also good horizontal proportions at the hips-thighs level.

Once you have that:

On EveryBody:

Hourglass: yes, better if high waisted.

Rectangle: wear it with a shirt/top tucked in loosely and a dark colored belt.

Inverted Triangle : wear it with a dark colored top ore blazer.

Pear (Triangle):

It depends. If you are by-the-book Pear, having the whole body volume on your thighs and legs, I'm sorry, this trend is not for you. This kind of pants doesn't cover much, therefore there aren't any camouflage strategies. But if you are a slender Pear, characterized only by a relative disproportion between the upper and lower part of the body, you can wear them, adding volume to the upper body with puffy sleeves, ruffles in the chest area, etc.

Apple (Oval): if your only weakness is the belly, make sure to wear it with a light colored blazer and a dark and opaque top underneath.

3. Baggy Pants

Careful, these are not the baggy pants in the sense of boyfriend pants, as is quite often believed. These are volume pants that fit perfectly in the waist area; elegant, especially if the chosen material is of good quality.

These very large, very long trousers are for anybody with a visible waist. If you have that, you’re in, but of course, EveryBody in its specific way.

Fundamental Strenght Needed: visible waist

On EveryBody:

  • Hourglass: Well, yes. You will look good. Not as good as wearing other types of pants that reveal more your Hourglass-y qualities, but I understand you are a fashion lover, so go for it.

  • Pear (Triangle): This is your chance to compete the Hourglass. This pants flatter you, under one condition: wear it dark and opaque, with a light and maybe shiny color top. Heels are always a good idea.

  • Rectangle: You can also compete the Hourglass here. These pants add volume on your lower body, if you add also some on your shoulders (for example with the now so trendy puff sleeves), your waist will appear smaller, “hourglass-y.”

  • Apple (Oval ): No waist, no baggy pants, I’m sorry.

  • Inverted Triangle: It depends which type of Inverted Triangle you are. If you are a slim one, adding volume in your lower body with the pants, might arrive at the level of your shoulders, thus make your waist appear smaller. Try this way: light colored pants, dark colored belt and top.

4. Subtle Flare Trousers

These pants, worn correctly, are a sight for sore eyes.

Especially if they are high waisted , with the flair started on right below the knees with the hem just under the ankles, which leads to a streamlined effect.

And if we talk about jeans, a faded wash in the center will legs look slimmer.

Heels are a friend.

Fundamental Strenght Needed: - they fit EveryBody, just follow the advice on how to wear it, for each type of silhouette.

On EveryBody:

  • Hourglass: Yes, they emphasize the hourglass-y shape.

  • Pear (Triangle): Look for pants that are form-fitting in the butt, thighs and all the way down to the middle of your knees. Also aim for a bigger bell that flares out and almost covers your shoes. This will create an hourglass shape as well as smooth and elongate your legs.

  • Rectangle: This type of small flare looks great on you because it creates harmony with your natural proportions. If you are tall, you have long legs and they can carry the volume. If you are shorter, choose a flare that starts at mid knee and the pants should be long, arriving under the ankle.

  • Apple (Oval): Choose the bootcut flares. As the name suggests, a bootcut is a flare that slightly fans out over your boots or shoes. (Larger bell bottoms would make your silhouette seem a triangle, not an hourglass - that is our objective).

  • Inverted Triangle: Adding volume in the lower body with these flares will bring balance to your figure, compensating the shoulders.

5. Bike Shorts

What to say … they are for sure not elegant, but for a playful casual young look, if you are a fashion (or a gym) addict, they might work for you.

Fundamental Strenght Needed: perfect lower body, perfect vertical proportions (they tend to shorten the silhouette).

On EveryBody:

  • Hourglass: yes, with the observations above.

  • Pear (Triangle): no way.

  • Rectangle: yes, worn with an oversized top and a thin loose belt.

  • Apple (Oval ): only if you wear it with a blazer/cardigan kept open and a dark, opaque and not tight top underneath.

  • Inverted Triangle: if you must…. at least wear it with a dark cardigan or unstructured blazer.

6. Low Slung Waistline

They are the more casual version of the baggy pants. Or a version of the boyfriend pants.

Anyway, a more demanding version, taking into consideration the fact that they show a lot of belly.

Fundamental Strength Needed: the perfect 6 pack.

On EveryBody:

  • Hourglass: not the most flattering for you, but if you love it, go for it. Of course, just if your belly is perfect.

  • Pear (Triangle): they are perfect for you, with the “belly condition”. Dark colored, please.

  • Rectangle: not the best choice for you, as it reveals your not so hourglass-y waist.

  • Apple (Oval ): by definiton: no way.

  • Inverted Triangle: dark top, light colored trousers.

These are tricks that really make the difference (if you’re doing it right). Try it !

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