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Classic Blue - the Color of the Year 2020 - how to make it flatter you

Intro: You already found out about this summer trends; as soon as the fashion shows ended, a lot of articles have flooded the internet.

My chapter “Trend in Translation” concentrates on finding “your trend-friend”: tips and tricks about how to make them suit you, no matter your shapes or colors.

That doesn’t mean that everybody can wear everything, but in case there is a possibility, I will offer you a solution.

Today we talk about the Color of the Year 2020: Classic Blue and its five more important aspects that you have know about it:


The sky, the sea, vastness and depth… Blue seems to be the most loved color ever, so we weren’t so surprised when it was chosen as Pantone Color of the Year 2020.

Psychology studies have proven that it has a calming influence on the human brain - with hindsight, we can say now that it is the right color for this very strange and special 2020 (even if when it was chosen, nobody knew about what it would happen this year… premonition?)

Anyway, blue has a vast symbology:

On one hand, it symbolizes power, success, loyalty, confidence - and this why a lot of companies use it for their logos, in order to earn their potential clients’ trust.

On the other hand, it triggers the buttons of our subconscious evaluation for timeless, dependable, comfort, honest, reliable, or neutral interpretation.

Now you know why a lot of politician wear blue suits or why many companies' uniforms also come in a shade of blue...


The power of colors is infinite, if you know how to manage it … You can play with its aesthetic effect, in order to obtain different emotions, with the right pairings:

  • go for a one-color, multiple-shaded outfit, to emphasize its calming, relaxing, confident effect;

  • gor for a high contrast, complementary color pairing, for a vivid, sparkling, energetic outfit;

  • go for an analogous color pairing, for a refined stylish effect.

NOTE: all the outfits are made of real, on sale articles that you can buy HERE (the entire outfit or the separate articles).


When you are to manage its flattering effect, you have to take into consideration two aspects:

  1. its relationship with your complexion - that meaning its compatibility with your natural colors (skin, eyes and hair - as The Color Analysis theory explains).

Classic Blue is a cool undertone, medium intensity color and this is why it flatters all cool complexions (the Summer and Winter seasons, in the Color Analysis theory). This is good news for many of us, taking into consideration the fact that there more cool undertone complexions than warm, out there.

If you are a warm complexion (Spring or Autumn) but in love with Classic Blue, just wear it away from you face, pairing it with colors that belong to your own palette (see my suggestions below).

Example: if you are Autumn: classic blue skirt / pants with orange top; if you are Spring: classic blue skirt / pants with a peach or coral top, etc.

2. its relationship with your body shape - in this case, the color’s value (lighter or darker) and its opaqueness/brightness.

Classic Blue has a medium-low value, meaning that is a rather dark version of blue - consequently, it has a reducing volume visual effect - this means that every BodyShape will have to wear it on the part of the body that is to be visually reduced: the Pear on the lower body, the Inverted Triangle on the upper body etc.

Attention though, for the minimizing effect you will have to use its opaque (not shiny) version !


If, after the above, the conclusion is that Classic Blue flatters you, go for it ! Even if the Color of the Year changes, this type of blue is an evergreen. Therefore, the 3 evergreen must have's that I advise you to purchase are:

  • the blue blazer: business meetings / job interviews / politics events: whenever your priority is to gain confidence of your interlocutor, wear your blue blazer;

  • the blue dress: from the casual linen for a day at the seaside (or lakeshore) to the classic in taffeta for a romantic dinner or the formal evening dress for a fancy reception, the blue dress is always a good idea - get rid of the black obsession, classic blue is the new black (at least this year);

  • the blue swimming suit: don’t you feel better when you perfectly match with the so-loved-sea? doesn’t it give you that relaxed, one-with-the-nature, feeling, that is so right for your holiday? I always have in my luggage something blue when I travel to water-based destinations...


In addition to the items above, here are some of my suggestions divided by price range:

There are many options, just find the perfect one for you. With the above advice, it will be easier.



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