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Covering our face is a serious matter in terms of image conveying and communication: long before this Pandemic situation, psychological studies had already revealed that we evaluate our interlocutor by “reading” the face through what is called “the halo effect”.

The halo effect is when an individual noticing that a person is attractive, well groomed, and properly attired, assumes, using a mental heuristic, that the interlocutor is a good person. And as wrong as this judgement can be in some cases, we are all, subconsciously, users of this way of evaluating the people we meet.

Nowadays the area that “represents” us has reduced to the upper part of the face, so it goes without saying that this is the part that we will have to concentrate our efforts on.

So here it is: my advice, together with some links to video detailed expert suggestions to exemplify it.


It’s time to re-evaluate your eyebrows: in addition to the things (I suppose) you already know - keep it tidy, use special makeup if necessary (there are pencils, gels, powders), have a brow lamination or a semi permanent makeup (tattoo) - the question is: are they the most flattering version for you?

The IC advice

Make sure that:

1. their dimensions match your face’s features (small eyes and nose need proportioned eyebrows, even if fashion declares otherwise);

2. their shape matches your face’s shape:

- gull wing, soft angled eyebrows for the oval face,

- gull wing, high arch eyebrows for round face,

- curved eyebrows for diamond face,

- horizontal eyebrows for the oblong face,

- low arch, round curved eyebrows for the triangle or heart face shape;

- curved eyebrows for the diamond face.

3. their color is the right one: the makeup that you use is exactly the natural color of your eyebrows and matches the undertone of the skin (cool brown eyebrows for cool skin undertone etc.);

4. their intensity matches the one of your personal colors (don’t let anybody draw on you a pair of thick black eyebrows if you are a low contrast, warm, delicate colors blonde).

Useful links:

Eyebrow makeup for beginners:

Eyebrow lamination:


Taking care of your lashes is a must these days.

Your seducing/convincing (or any other objective you may have) power is concentrated in your eyes, more than ever.

The IC advice

  • don’t forget the eyelash routine: -brushing them twice a day; -applying Vitamin E, olive oil or a special serum to help them stay healthy and growing; -wear sunglasses (sun affects also eyelashes, not only your skin); -eat healthy food (in this case you need proteins plus everything that is rich in vitamins A, B, C and E);

  • If you’re not endowed with fabulous lashes, you can definitely obtain it: I strongly recommend Lamination (a semi permanent curling treatment), it has a natural, long term (lasts around 1 month) result, with benefits not only for the aesthetic, but also for the health of your natural eyelashes.

  • Extensions are the glamour version of your eyelashes, but my advice is to use it as a short term solution, as they tend to ruin your natural ones and need constant attention (don’t sleep with your face in your pillow, don’t wait more than two weeks between sessions, as the aesthetic effect might turn into a horror movies one etc.). Besides, the overall cost is much higher, some of them might give you allergies or be not compatible with your contact lens. Also in this case, carefully choose the right color (black - brown) and the right length. Small faces require a medium length not the maximum, as proportions are always the most important aspect of classy beauty!

  • There is a new type of extensions that seems to be a nice alternative: the magnetic ones - I have just ordered them, so am not able to recommend it personally, but I will tell you my opinion after trying it.

Useful links:

Eyelash Lamination:

Magnetic lashes:


The black eyeliner is not a solution for everybody. Sometimes, your features / colors are more flattered by an eye-shadow instead. There are some basic rules in order to find the best version for you.

When we talk about eye make-up, we talk about three aspects:

A. Colors

Use eye shadows in complementary colors, in order to enhance the color of your eyes (orange and browns for blue eyes; green and purple for the brown eyes; gold, browns and green for hazel eyes; dark grey, blues and violet for black eyes; every shade of purple for green eyes).

Useful links:

The makeup color wheel:

B. Shapes

Different eye shapes are flattered by different makeup styles. So, before you choose a makeup style, be sure that you have identified correctly the shape of your eyes; is the only way to have a flattering result.

Useful links:

Makeup for different types of eyes:

C. Age

They say you can guess the age of a person by looking into her eyes. Unfortunately, it’s not only about the shine-through-wisdom that this phrase refers to, but also about the fact that the eye area, sensible and very used throughout the years, is one of the first areas that betrays us, in terms of skin relaxation.

For those of you that experience this, a few tips for the makeup of the aged eye:

- replace powder with creamy eye shadows - it really makes the difference, as the powdery ones accentuate the skin surplus of the eyelids;

- find a good liquid concealer and don’t go out without apply it (attention, do not exaggerate, the right quantity can help you a lot, too much can enhance your wrinkles);

- again, Lamination (upward eyelashes do a great job in hiding your relaxed eyelid) or Extensions (for the best result, use the cat-eye style) are the key;

- if the eye shape permits, the right direction of the eyeliner is up, its ascending line giving a younger overall look of your eyes.

On one hand, less is more, while surplus of products accentuate the signs of time; on the other, believe me, zero is a crime, as the above little, focused measures can really make the difference in helping you look younger.

Useful links:

Eye lift makeup:


We have seen a lot of options in terms of protection masks by now - million of prints, some of them elegant (as much a face mask can be) some of them ironic; colorful or less; some of them matching the outfit, some of them not.

As an image consultant, I would advise you to have in your wardrobe (let’s hope just for the present season):

  • Neutrals: one color (better if exactly the color of your skin or of your eyes) mask(s); to which, if you like the idea, you can add printed lips. I personally have more, with my favorite lipstick colors. The main rule should be: simple and matching your natural colors (skin, eyes, hair).

  • Match-y: yes, it’s nice to see masks that match the outfit - there’s no logic in making efforts in building the whole outfit and then add a printed mask that has nothing in common. Crazy advice: fashion trends promote cut out tops, so let’s cut it out on the back and use the fabric for the match-y mask. Are you with me ? No?… then find the designers that already create the “twin set” from scratch.

  • Embellished: for a special night out, a special evening mask: Swarovski crystals, golden or silver fabrics etc. I still recommend you attention, cool undertone skins require silver, warm undertone skins require gold. In other words, in the evening you can add the mask to the jewels category.

Don't let the mask ruin your stylish aura ! Let's prove once again that we are above these challenges, and for everything we have a solution.



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